Friday, August 18, 2017


Lip Color: Dark Pink | Lip Gloss: Glossy Gloss

Hi everyone! Welcome to the new Friday segment! Today I want to talk to you about a new lip product that I am completely obsessed with and its one that you've probably already heard about. When new items like this come out on the market, there tends to be some skepticism and varying opinions. I am here today to share with you my personal, honest review of Lipsense. 

Well, to start, I'm obsessed. The boldness of the colors mixed with the long lasting effect that they have, is truly amazing. I put the color I have on in the pictures above first thing that morning, had a busy day of work and blog photos, ate three meals, and was still perfect that night as I got home. I mean, what other lipstick do you know that can do that? 

So here's a little talk about how it works:

1. You MUST put on three layers of the color. You can mix and match different ones to come up with lots of different unique ones. With just two colors you can make 6-8 other colors. Make sure these layers are somewhat thin, you don't need to cake on the product. Disclaimer: it will sting a little but that's just it cleansing your lips and getting rid of some of the bad toxins on it. 

2. Then add gloss! There are so many different ones to choose from too, and they all can change up the overall look. I am wearing the glossy gloss in my photos. 

3. Because there is alcohol in the product, it can tend to dry your lips out, but they make an amazing lip moisturizer that keeps the dryness from happening. 

4. Because of its long lasting nature of it, it takes a certain product to fix mistakes. They make an 'oops' product that easily removes any excess color. It's great and I highly recommend getting it as well. 

I've partnered with my friend, Courtney to provide you all with an exclusive discount for your entire purchase (and this is something that is rare for this product). You can purchase through her Facebook page (Beauty In The Fast Lane) and use the code 'aqcgirl15' to get 15% off your entire purchase. She also guarantees same or next day shipping. If you are in the Charlotte area, she is willing to meet up with you and let you try them!

I promise, you will become just as obsessed with this product as I am!    
Thank you for stopping by!

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