Friday, July 28, 2017

Transitional Floral

 | Top: Lush | Jeans: Articles of Society | Booties: old, similar | Handbag: Gucci | Necklaces: The Styled Collection, and here | Watch: Wristology

But seriously, how amazing is this top? I didn't even consider it in my first few rounds of purchases from the sale. I went in to the store one day to make a return and it caught my eye. I was in a hurry but decided to try it on anyways. I am so glad that I did, because, it is one of my new favorite tops. It's the perfect transitional piece and will be great for those beautiful fall days. The jeans, are also one of my favorites from the sale. I can't seem to stop wearing them, even on hot days.

In other news, I finally have a weekend that I don't have to spend studying. I am so so excited. Saturday night I am going out with some friends who I haven't spent time with in a while. We love to go to uptown Charlotte and bar hop. If you're ever in Charlotte, you have to visit a place called the Roxbury. It is so much fun! Its a 80s/90s bar with a basement dance floor. Such a fun atmosphere and guaranteed to be a blast. Also, its restaurant week in Charlotte. I've been dying to go to this place called the Capital Grille, and I am finally getting to try it on Sunday. I start a new diet on Monday so its the perfect last meal before the diet!

I've finally reached a point where I can dedicate much needed time to the blog. As of right now I am going to continue with the Monday, Wednesday, Friday blog posts. My hope is that over the next month or two, that I will be doing five posts a week. With that being said, I would like to start doing some weekly segments. I've considered 'Fitness Friday', 'Friday's Fab Five' or something like that. The Friday's Fab Five would be me sharing five items (not necessarily fashion related) that I am currently loving. Let me know what you think!

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Chic Plaid

| Tank: Topshop (on sale) | Button-up: Bp | Heels: Sam Edelman | Jeans: Articles of Society | Handbag: Prada | Sunglasses: Under $15 |

Happy Monday! After a relaxing weekend and a little bit of fun, I am finally feeling refreshed, and what better time to feel that way than a Monday. So, who doesn't love a plaid button down for fall!?! They are seriously the perfect transitional piece, and with how bipolar the weather is in the Carolina's, its good to have one hanging in the closet. Paired with my new favorite jeans and some fun heels.... I will be wearing this way too often this summer.

When it comes to designer handbags, I do lots and lots of research before making a decision. Most of the time I contemplate my decision for months before even considering buying one. This bag was hands down the best decision ever. Its the perfect fall and winter handbag, but I carry it all year round. I've been asked a lot lately what I look for in a designer bag and here are a few of the basics:

1. Versatility - If I'm going to make an investment in a higher priced handbag, I want it to be one that matches with almost anything and one that I will get a lot of use out of.

2. - Pockets - I love love love my LV Neverfull but the lack of pockets causes my purse to become a black hole. I can never seem to find anything in it, until I got a purse organizer. But, I love that this one has a middle divider that also serves as a large pocket. It also has additional small pockets on the inside.

3. Laptop Friendly - I am always on my laptop. Between work, school and CPA exams, my laptop is pretty much my life line. So, its important that I have a bag that I can throw it in, if I don't have the option to carry my backpack where ever I am going.

Those are just to name a few but there are so many things to consider when buying a bag. My advice is to do you research, read reviews, and find them in store and get a feel for them, even if you don't plan to buy them in store. For me, I get most of mine used, and there are so many great sites for that. I plan to do a more in depth post soon, stay tuned!

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Cutest Front Tie Top

| Top: Bp | Shorts: STS Blue | Shoes: Zappos | Handbag: Gucci | Necklace: The Styled Collection | Sunglasses: Karen Walker | Bracelet: David Yurman | Ring: David Yurman

The day after a CPA exam is the best feeling! So glad to hopefully have another one done. Now, if these next two weeks could fly by so I can FINALLY be done with grad school! 

This whole process has been a huge struggle for me. I am a huge type A personality and feel like I have to plan every little thing in my life ahead of time. I truly struggle with living in the moment. As a result, I have anxiety, which is something I have never had before. Learning to manage everything and taking things in stride. Each day is a challenge, but I'm finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So, this top is so stinkin cute. To be honest, at first, I didn't think I was going to like it. I'm weird about showing a little tummy and blue is not a color I typically go for, but I LOVE it! It's probably one of my favorite things that I go from the Nordstrom sale. If you're contemplating getting it or not, do it!! I promise you won't regret it. 

Thank you for stopping by and check in tomorrow for another of my favorite purchases from the Nordstrom sale! 

Favorite Distressed Denim Shorts

| Top: Goodnight Macaroon | Shorts: American Eagle | Handbag: Gigi New York | Wedges: old, similar | Earrings: Baublebar | Sunglasses: Karen Walker

How is it already Monday again? I swear these summer weekends just fly right by. I mean seriously, its almost August!! Where did the summer go? 

I absolutely love this top! I have had my eye on it for the longest time and finally decided to get it! Its super flattering, cute, and a great price point. It goes great with these adorable distressed denim jeans. Now, I love love love this handbag. I debated the investment for a while but knew I would get a ton of use out of it. 

Sorry again for keeping it short. My CPA test in tomorrow so want to take advantage of all of the study time. I will be starting some new segments next week so stay tuned.

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Pink Ruffles

| Top: H&M | Shorts: STS Blue | Sandals: Tory Burch | Handbag: Gigi New York | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Necklace: Love Always |

 Happy Friday everyone! Taking a break of Nordstrom Anniversary talk to bring you this adorable ruffle sleeve top. I already love pink, but when you add ruffles to it, its a must!! To top it off, its only $15! Yes, you heard that right... only 15! They also pair perfectly with some many things, like the white shorts above. They also look great with jeans, colored denim, etc. Very versatile top and light weight so great for all of the warm weather we are having.

I take another CPA exam early next week and I can't wait for it to be over with! Also, as of right now, I am half way done with my last set of summer classes. Only 2.5 weeks left to go, thank goodness!! Sorry for keeping it short today but I have to get back to studying. Can't wait for school and CPA exams to be over so that I can devote more time to blogging!

Oh, also.... head over to my Instagram for an awesome giveaway that I am participating in!

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