Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Rompers & Grub

| Romper: Local Boutique, (similarsimilarsimilar) | Sandals: Tory Burch | Handbag: Gucci | 

For some reason every time Wednesday rolls around, I feel a little bit of accomplishment. I guess, I tell myself that I have survived half of the work week and that Friday is just around the corner. So, before I jump into my food obsessed part of my post, I wanted to share a little about this outfit. I SEARCHED and SEARCHED for this romper online and after almost an hour of looking, I decided it was time to throw in the towel. Luckily, I found some that are similar and have several linked above. I may or may not have just purchased this one. One other disclaimer: please excuse the extremely pale skin, I do plan to do some laying by the pool over the weekend!

Now, I wanted to do a little something different today. Normally, I just talk about my outfits and whats going on in my life and blah blah blah. Well, I've decided that's a little boring to do for every single post. So, I've decided to change things up a little. At least once a week I plan to do some sort of post where I talk about random stuff, while also sharing an outfit that I'm currently obsessed with. I also will be starting a segment on fitness that will go live every Friday (stay tuned, will start this week)! So here we go:

5 Favorite Southpark Restaurants: 

So when I initially planned this post I wanted to do 5 Charlotte restaurants, but, I decided that I probably could not narrow it down that much so I decided to do the Southpark area (where I live), since those are the ones I frequent the most. 

1. Burton's Grill ($$$)

I first visited this restaurant a few months ago when attending a girls night with a few of my close girlfriends. It was the first time for several of us and we were all blown away at how good it was. When I think of the genre it should go under, I would classify it as fine dining/date night kind of place. It has a very relaxed and cozy atmosphere and the food is AMAZING. Literally everything I have ever had there is superb. If you have never been there, you need to go! Also, try the cauliflower appetizer. It may sound odd, but it is SOOOO good!! 

2. Village Tavern ($$$)

I remember walking into this place for the first time completely mortified because I had been helping a friend move all day and I was it very slouchy clothes and looked a hot mess, and this is definitely a place you should try and look nice for. Now, I don't mean you need to wear your Sunday best, but you definitely shouldn't walk in there in shorts and t-shirt that has paint stains on it, whoops! But, I go to this place at least once a month. The food is amazing, I've never had anything I didn't love. They have really great burgers, steak, flatbreads.... I mean it really all is good! And, they are always having drink specials, I mean, who doesn't want a drink or two with their meal?!? 

3. Duckworth's ($$)

Now, I have been a Duckworth's lover for a very long time. They have one in my hometown of Mooresville, and it is one of my dad and I's favorite spots. Its a sports bar type restaurant with lots of tv's so you can keep up with all of the sports games happening and SOOOO many on tap beer options! When I think of sports bar I think, ah just going for the booze, probably just average food. Not the case for this place, the have the BEST salmon I have ever had in my entire life. I seriously have cravings for it more often than I should admit. 

4. Cowfish ($$) 

When I first heard of this place, I knew it would immediately become one of my favorite. They specialize in what they call 'Burgushi' (burgers & sushi), now the name makes sense ;). I love love love sushi but I am also very picky about it. But I have tried various different ones on their menu, and they are all super yummy. My favorite thing to get here is their 'Bento box', it comes with a mini burger, roll of sushi, sweet potato fries, edamame, and a cucumber/onion salad. Seriously they should call it a Chloe box because it has all of my favorite things. I even chose to go there for my birthday last year. 

5. Yafo ($)

I recently discovered this place about a month ago after completing my most recent Spartan race. Now after the first time, I didn't know if I loved it so much because of how hungry I was or if it was really that good, so I went again a few days later. Yes, it is really that good. It is Mediterranean food that is served down a assembly line. They have amazing wraps (they make the pitas fresh in front of you), and ALL of there sides are so good!! Like I literally have to contemplate for a long time which one to choose each time. My favs are the brussels sprouts and macaroni and cheese. 

Thank you for stopping by!!


  1. I need to try Village Tavern ASAP! Have you been to The Cellar at Duckworth's in Uptown? It has a serious speakeasy vibe and incredible cocktails!

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